Shut it down.

I’m closing up shop at this location in favor of a a clean and shiny new experience at: The goal for Luminous Verge is to keep the focus on writing and less about personal day-to-day complaints. However, given that JustSmooty has gotten up to v4.0 so far, there’s no guarantee it won’t resurrect itself […]

Coming up for air, and swearing.

It’s been a shitstorm since Thanksgiving, to be honest. My assistant manager abandoned his job right before our balls-to-the-wall busiest time of the year, which was thoughtful of him. We have had an interesting time of it as a result. But I’ve got some lovely student employees, who threw themselves into the breach during Finals, […]

November has just sucked.

There’s no two ways about it. This month – aww shit it’s December now, fuck me, where is time going – last month and today have just been bad, bad, bad. I started with such good intentions. I challenged myself to blog every day, and I wrote out a posting schedule so I’d always have […]

I don’t have a blog today. 

I had one I was supposed to write tonight – a review of the first chapter of the Twyla Tharpe book – but to be honest, my lower eyelid is twitching so badly and so constantly I’m laying down with a warm washcloth over it, waiting for the election results. I just want this hellish […]

Day in the Life

Since today was a stellar example of why I’m always tired and never accomplish as much as I want to in my off-work time, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my schedule for a typical work day. I had a closing shift, thank God, so there was an extra hour of sleep to […]