Honestly, not dead.

Just very busy at work lately, and gething absorbed in many offline projects. I’m hoping to brainstorm a posting schedule & content thereof sometime in the next two weeks.

Not dead

Just been remarkably busy with classes starting, recovering from classes starting, and trying to drill myself in new healthier habits. Proper update coming soonest. With pictures! 

I’m not dead,

…but I’m not good for much at the moment. Just completed the MOST challenging back to school rush of my career. Why so difficult? Well, the unique program I’m piloting on campus is a BEAST to keep in motion when there isn’t good or reliable communication from my partners, and ALSO delightfully enough the rest […]

Even Shorter Post #1

Remind me that no, I really shouldn’t have ice cream at 10pm the night before I have an opening shift, as it results in me walking around the living room fruitlessly looking for Pokemon and sharing obnoxious Hamilton memes with my sisters (who are surprisingly not shouting about the lateness of the hour). Currently reading […]

Short Post #1

This isn’t really a proper blog post with feelings and pictures and all that jazz. Since I’m trying to get in the habit of posting regularly, you’re going to get a tiny snapshot of my life instead. This evening for dinner we had Chinese takeout and a sweet Riesling (thank you to the sweet friend […]