Coming up for air, and swearing.

It’s been a shitstorm since Thanksgiving, to be honest. My assistant manager abandoned his job right before our balls-to-the-wall busiest time of the year, which was thoughtful of him. We have had an interesting time of it as a result. But I’ve got some lovely student employees, who threw themselves into the breach during Finals, and two more students who, providentially, stayed on campus over break for a job that fell through , so I snapped them up as well. It’s a huge ball of stress but not the catastrophic assfucking I was expecting, so… hurray?

After two 12+ hour days last week, I was able to actually take the whole of the long Christmas weekend off and relax. I promptly caught a virus and spent Christmas Day vomiting, congested, and running a fever. BUT the weekend was delightful in all other respects – presents were well received by all, I got to spend time with my boyfriend and sister, and talk to most of my other family, and video games. Lots of video games. An embarrassing amount of time spent on video games.

I’ve decided in 2017 I’m going to make a dedicated effort to knock titles off of my To Be Read list. Most of my reading is rereads or finding one new author and devouring their oeuvre as fast as I can get them from the library, so I need to buckle down and just start with the new titles I already own. 

First on the list is Rachel Aaron’s “The Legend of Eli Monpress”, a hefty trade paperback fantasy tome. I follow this author on Twitter and generally enjoy her posts, so I’m curious to see if her prose style draws me in. I’d really like to read Ms. Aaron’s science fiction series, but her publishing house doesn’t do business with our trade book supplier and I’d rather cut off a finger than order a new book from Amazon.

I wouldn’t look for too many more updates here until late January, after classes begin and the students stop fiddling with their class schedules. Less than a month, whee. -_-

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