November has just sucked.

There’s no two ways about it. This month – aww shit it’s December now, fuck me, where is time going – last month and today have just been bad, bad, bad.

I started with such good intentions. I challenged myself to blog every day, and I wrote out a posting schedule so I’d always have something to write about. I got a little off track due to travelling for work at the start of the month, but I was bringing it back around. Then, the election happened.

That was a miserable and surreal day, week, and present time. I was furious and sick the night of, crushed and disbelieving the next day. It’s taken more than a little while to put myself back together after. This election ripped my family apart and that drove me off most social media. It’s been a long November.

Things that have kept me whole in the meantime: the music of Amanda Palmer. Spending far too much money on Christmas presents. Watching all of Adventure Time from start to finish. And work – especially work.I’ve thrown myself into my job.

The end of term is always a clusterfuck of epic proportions, no matter how much planning and organizing one does ahead of time. The best you can hope for is that you can keep the clusterfuck out of view of the campus. You can fix most anything after you close. However, this turnaround looks to be especially clusterfucky as my only other fulltime employee walked out today. At least, I assume he did. He didn’t show up for his shift and didn’t respond to calls or texts. So that’s a bundle of delight.

Don’t expect to hear from me again until probably mid-January. Sooner if I go actually insane and they remove me from my position. I imagine I can talk a therapist in the nuthouse into letting me post to the blog.

One thought on “November has just sucked.

  1. I hate that I am not closer to come help at least cheer you up! I hope life settles down! January always seems like a nice slow month for mental recuperation! I’ll try to come up with some brilliant blog posts to keep you entertained! Love you!

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