Day in the Life

Since today was a stellar example of why I’m always tired and never accomplish as much as I want to in my off-work time, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my schedule for a typical work day. I had a closing shift, thank God, so there was an extra hour of sleep to balance out the stupid time shift that, regardless of the way we are springing or falling, never fails to eff up my sleep.

7:30 – 8:30am: Alarms go off. Repeatedly. At 8am decide I don’t need a shower THAT badly and sleep for another half an hour.

8:30 – 8:45am: Dress, feed cats, gather lunch & crap for the day.

8:45 – 9am: Commute. I will say that while our rent is exhorbitent, it is definitely worth it to live so close to work.

9am – 1pm: Desk work and coffee. Log previous day’s sales, answer emails, clean up textbook reports from Fall semester, partner with Home Office to get all the intricacies of our unique textbook program set up, a thousand and one other computer tasks that crop up throughout the day. Also, take frequent breaks to ensure new coworker is staying on task and not skipping parts of any task I set him to. It’s like bringing a toddler to work.

1pm – 1:20pm: Lunch break, of a sort. I can’t usually get the rest of the staff to leave me alone for long enough to take a full half-hour break, but I can usually eat what I’ve brought in about 15 minutes and then escape to the Post Office to check our mail, where nobody talks to me. I don’t walk back especially quickly from that, either.

1:20pm: Handle a return that obviously only the store manager could do (protip: not true). Sigh inwardly.

1:30 – 3:30pm: Shift approximately one ton or so of textbooks into the storage room. Coworker had previously shelved this section of the inventory with lots of room and half empty shelves. That’s fixed now. We’re about to start receiving Spring textbooks and we’re going to need every damn square inch of shelf space.

3:30 – 4:30pm: Set new technology accessories display. Markdowns from the previous week had left holes in the display, so condensed two 4′ display walls into one and made plans to remerchandise the now-empty 4′ with all headphones and speakers.

4:30 – 5pm: Close store, cash handling, prepare deposit, log that day’s sales.Walk to student center and change for the gym.

5:10 – 6:20pm: Gym, gym, gym. Watched 2.5 episodes of Hunter x Hunter while walking 3.68 miles. Shins did NOT splint and I was very excited about this.

6:20pm: Dropped off deposits on the way to Boone to return library books.

6:30 – 7:45pm: Drove to nearest town, dropped off library books, drove home. Not sure if this is better or worse than Atlanta, as the time involved to get anywhere would be the same but the mileage would be a fraction of what it takes up here to go anywhere.

7:45pm – 8:15pm: Greet roommates, appreciate that one of them has done the dishes without me asking half a dozen times. SHOWER, dear God, the hour in the car after the gym was not a pleasant one.

8:15pm – present: Try to get frozen soup to defrost and try not to cry when it’s not working. Write this blog entry.

In conclusion, I have about 45 minutes to an hour to eat dinner and spend some Quality Time with myself or my family before I have to head to bed. It takes me about an hour to fall asleep, so it’s best if I can be in bed and reading by 9:30 or 10pm in order to be asleep in time to get up and do the whole damn thing over again.

Well, that was somewhat depressing.


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