An Explanation: I already expected to lose the latter half of July and most of August to work. I was not expecting……to lose my entire management team, as well, just prior to the start of classes. It made August and September extra crazy fun! And if I’m being 100% honest, any off time I’ve had the last two months has been spent either reading or playing Elder Scrolls Online (which are two posts you can look forward to this month).

BECAUSE!  *trumpet fanfare*

I am adapting a Nanowrimo-esque challenge to keep myself on track with posting every single day. My goal is to make this a habit by posting for 30 straight days. (It worked for the gym, I’m up to 3 days a week and am halfway through Hunter x Hunter.)

I’ve already laid out the rest of this week’s posts in my Bullet Journal:


(Note: expect most pictures to be shaky and/or blurred slightly. These hands don’t steady themselves, for some reason.)

But as you can see, I’ve already shuffled some things around to accommodate a work trip where I likely won’t have all the props necessary for a more elaborate post with photos.

I don’t have a strong conclusion, except that my lunch break is over. You may expect more of the same throughout the month.


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